Skincare routine while travelling

Travelling can be exciting, but you may find that your face isn’t matching the feeling of excitement you have when you arrive in your destination country or city. Travel can make your skin look exhausted, dull and even older than it is. This is mostly because cabins in planes are depressurised, and highly dry, which draws moisture from your skin. Without the appropriate skincare, your skin can even break or flake due to the dry conditions on board. This article covers how travelling affects the skin and some travelling skincare tips you should follow.

How travelling affects the skin

The Changing Air

Lack of moisture on the skin makes it break. Travelling by air or to a dry location will affect your skin. In addition, when a person is travelling, they often fail to take enough water, which further dehydrates the skins. It is important that you always check the weather of your destination location. Warm places will most likely be humid, and the skin will produce sebum which tends to cause clogged pores. In cold areas, the air tends to be dry, causing the skin to lose moisture and appear dry.

Changes in the skincare products you use

Hotel rooms tend to provide skincare products, and it is always hard to resist the temptation of using these products. However, you need to know that these products don’t necessarily suit your skin type or even address specific skin problems you may be having. Using them can cause issues on your skin. It is thus important to avoid them and only stick to the skin products you’ve carried with you

Changes in your regular schedule

When on vacation, your wake-up and overall sleep patterns become inconsistent, affecting even the usual skincare routine you follow while at home. To make sure … Read the rest